Mortgage and Lien Information


We must be provided with the loan number and customer service number for all loans secured by the property (including equity lines). If other judgments or liens affect property, we will also need to be provided with contact information.

Homeowner's Association and Condominiums


We must be provided with contact information for your community association. We will need the following information: the name of the management company and telephone number, if the association is self-managed, we will need the name and telephone number of the treasurer or another board member.

Georgia Non-Residents


Georgia law provides all non-residents of Georgia, unless excepted, are subject to a withholding equal to 3% of the sale price. Non-residents selling property should contact our office well in advance of closing to allow appropriate time to consult an accountant.

Corporations and limited Liability Companies


Prior to closing, our office will need the name and capacity of the representative signing at closing and a copy of the corporate resolution of articles of organization. The entity must be in good standing with the Georgia Secretary of State. Corporations should bring the corporate seal to closing.

Trusts and Estates


Prior to closing, our office will need a copy of will and either the Letters of Testamentary or Letters of Adminstration. The Executor or Administrator must attend closing.



All sellers must provide a social security number or federal identification number prior to closing. At the time of closing, all partied executing documents (all property owners) must provide an unexpired government issued picture identification. Acceptable forms include: Passport, Driver's License, Military ID, or State Identification Card.

Power of Attorney


A Power of Attorney may be utilized if a seller is unable to attend closing. The purchaser's lender, closing attorney, and title company must approve the use of the Power of Attorney prior to closing. The original Power of Attorney must be brought to closing.